How often should I change my oil?

Oil ChangeThe question about how often you should change your engine oil has baffled motorists over the last centuries. Typically, when you ask about it, you will get an answer between 3,000 up to 7,500 miles. These ranges of answers only bring more confusion rather than an actual solution. You can’t blame motorists for not knowing the exact answer to this one for not everyone is well versed about the specifics of maintaining a vehicle.

The Ploy

Over the years, motorists have dutifully changed their engine oil every 3,000 mile because they were told to do so. In fact, service bays take the liberty of putting a reminder sticker on your windshield to promptly tell you when you should do your next change oil service. If you are driving new generation vehicles, say a 2005 or newer model, you are actually wasting money on this service. Recent technological advancement had allowed engine oil replacement to be scheduled double the previous guidelines. The reason: engines today are more compact and are less likely to wear your oil fast and lubricating oil has taken their quality to a higher level allowing you to use oil up to double its previous life span.

It’s also important to note that depending on whether your car is brand new, or you’re buying a used luxury car or a beater this will have a huge impact on how often you should change your oil.

A Brief View of Distant Past

Nearly 5 decades ago, manufacturers were certain that oil change should be religiously followed ever 3,000 miles. This, of course, is true. If you have heard of this in about a decade before the present time, this is a fact. The thing is, present technological advancement in the new generation motorized vehicles and quantum improvements in the quality and dependability of lubricating oil has made it possible for engines to perform past the 3,000 mile benchmark.

The Truth

Depending on the vehicle you are driving, there is a pretty much very easy and reliable answer to this question. Every vehicle you buy comes with an owner’s manual and stated and detailed in that manual are the guidelines on how to take care and maintain your vehicle. It’s funny that once we got to the driver’s seat, we forget that we have a manual to refer to whenever we are having trouble. Instead, we turn to our expert friends who operate on instinct rather than facts stated by the manufacturers.

Manufacturers state on their manuals the specifics about how often you should replace your engine oil. If you are driving a Toyota, assuming it is less than 5 years old, I am happy to tell you that you can change your oil every 5,000 miles. Yeah, maintenance cost almost cut in half. That is some money you could spend on something else. A 2011 Ford Fiesta, according to its manufacturer can run for 10,000 miles before having to have the need to change its oil. That is more than three times of the 3,000 mile myth! But wait, there’s more! If you are driving a BMW, the company boasts up to 15,000 miles of driving without having to change your oil.


Our generation is currently riding a quantum leap in technology. Imagine how much longer we can run our vehicles without the need to replace engine oil in the next few years?

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